Exercise does not help out from Depression – A New Study Reports

The old belief that Depression can be warded off by exercising, is not true – A recent study reports. Report has been published in the British Medical Journal. Normal care also does the same quantum of care as compared to even addition of exercises.

Pune, Maharashtra, (TC), 07, June, 2012
A recent study publshed in the British Medical Journal reports no big difference by doing exercise as compared to usual care in cases of Depression. Read more at http://health.gen.in/health-news/.

Depression cannot be beat by any amount of exercise and this findings are in totality a opposition to what has been adviced to people suffering from depression by age old and traditional doctors. This research which is published in the British Medical Journal provides a new insight in the management of people suffering from depression that adding exercises does not relive the person from the state of thoughts and troubles about which the person is drowned in the state which is termed as depression.

The research was done at the University of Bristol and the University of Exeter. 361 people suffering and diagnosed of depression were recruited. The age group chosen was in between 18 to 69 years. These 361 people were split into 2 groups. One group received usual care with physical exercises and the other group received only usual care.

Both of these groups were continuously assessed for a time span of one year for the changes over their depression. In this first ever large scale trail to understand the effects of exercises with usual care regimen for treating depression, it is found that exercises do not add up to any extra relief over depression when compared to the other group who received only usual care.

This study came with a conclusion which is in contradiction with the findings of earlier studies. The major difference in this study and the earlier ones is the quantum of the study. The earlier studies were smaller ones which also gave their inferences by smaller time duration research which many times had come from small samples many a times non clinical, as said by researcher Melanie Chalder from the University of Bristol’s School of Social and Community Medicine.

She also said that exercise is still but important in people suffering from Depression and also suffering from other physical diseases like Heart related diseases, Obesity and Diabetes which can also occur in people suffering from depression. This is also acknowledged by Dr. John Campbell from the University of Exeter.

University of Bristol and University of Exeter are Public Research Universities situated in the United Kingdom. Bristol University is situated at Bristol in United Kingdom and Exeter University is situated in South England.

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