The General Truth About Back Pain and Chiropractic Care

There’s higher chances that you or someone close to you experienced back pains in the last one year. Low back pain is a common condition that affects four out of five individuals across the globe. A recent study conducted on Canadian citizens found out that a good number of people with ages ranging from 12 to 43 experience back pains at least once in their lifetimes. It takes a few days or weeks for the condition to naturally disappear.

At times, people develop disabilities if the pain advances to a chronic state, making them incapable of doing day-to-day tasks. The condition ends up interfering with the ability to work and quality of life in its chronic state. According to the Canadian Chiropractic Association, 15 percent of back pain patients are away from work for over one month every year. The institution also found out that 31 percent of the affected individuals were unable to enjoy recreational activities, complete daily living activities and take care of their families.


What Causes Back Pain?

To understand what really causes back pain, it is important to understand how the human spine works. The spine is a sophisticated body part comprising of 32 conjoined vertebra. The vertebra aim at protecting the spinal cord and supporting the body while in motion or standing. The spine allows you to explore the world that surrounds you through movement. It is your duty to ensure that you don’t expose it to factors that may cause injury to it.

Finding the exact cause for back pains is quite daunting since there are a number of interconnected structures on the spine. The discomforts may be as a result of psychological factors affecting an individual or the nervous system, which also passes through the spine. The good thing about visiting Bankers Hall Chiropractic for help with this condition is that the expert will conduct a detailed examination on you. Through the examination, the chiropractor will rule out serious pathological factors, identity a diagnosis and prescribe the best course care.

Dissecting the Back Pain Causes

Lifestyle factors that expose you to risks of suffering from back pain include smoking, low physical activity, obesity and poor general health. The movement factors that result to the condition include repetitive work, prolonged static posture, twisting and bending and frequent heavy lifting. The psychological and social factors causing back pain are depression, excessive stress, poor posture and anxiety. Others include poor advice from friends and family, beliefs about back pain and lack of job satisfaction.