Article: Key factors in improving the work climate

Between spring 2005 and summer 2008, eight health facilities and social services (four hospitals and three centers of health and social services) participated in an action research program conducted within the framework of the program “Initiatives promoting healthy workplaces “funded by health Canada. One of the research questions was: what product best action strategies results in terms of mobilization of managers and employees in a process of continuous improvement of the work environment? Following a first survey on the work environment, participating institutions have engaged in a series d? Dissemination activities results and the mobilization of cadres and staff to develop approaches? S improvement based on the results . An exploratory study of the different action strategies implemented has highlighted a set of best practices for improving the work climate in an organization. On this basis, we present in this paper a key factor assessment grid to improve the working climate which includes 12 key factors setting in three typical strategies.