In Need Of Dental Teeth Whitening

You’ve seen the ads on television and perhaps you’ve wondered if dental teeth whitening is something you should do. It seems the toothpaste aisle is filled with dental teeth whitening kits all promising to dramatically change your smile in anywhere from seven days to a month or more. The choices are almost endless, and it can be daunting trying to figure out what your needs are, and what will suit them. So how do you figure out if you even need dental teeth whitening?A dentist who also knew much about orthodontics had much to offer in teeth whitening.

Chances are, we all could use a little help. Almost everything we put in our mouth stains our teeth at least temporarily, some a little more than others. For instance, that morning cup of coffee is a big source of stains, especially if you drink it every day and don’t brush afterwards. Combine that with the occasional glass of red wine, or heaven forbid, cigarettes, and over time your teeth will definitely be stained a darker color than they should be.

Some other common tooth staining items are tea, colas, and fruits such as blueberries. Brushing immediately after having these things helps, but inevitably we could all benefit from dental teeth whitening. Just how much and what kind is a matter of choice based on our needs.

If you feel dental teeth whitening is something you would like to try, the obvious place to start investigating is your dentist’s office. Your dentist can help give you a realistic view of how much dental teeth whitening you need and whether over the counter products can help you or whether you should consider dental teeth whitening in the dentist office. They may recommend you try an over the counter whitening product first as they are much more cost effective.
It’s important to talk to your dentist about any over the counter dental teeth whitening products you are considering trying, as they can recommend which ones might work best with your teeth. Different people have varying degrees of tooth sensitivity and many whitening products increase this sensitivity. Your dentist should be able to help you pick the product that will be best for your teeth.

As in the case of most things, with dental teeth whitening products, you usually get what you pay for. The quickest and best results are going to be from professional whitening in your dentist’s office, but often at a hefty price. However, there are over the counter products that are very effective, they just take longer to see results.

It pays to have realistic expectations. You’re not going to get a blinding white smile from most over the counter products, but then again, you don’t want people to be distracted by how white your teeth are. Your teeth should appear natural, and most people’s teeth are not a blinding white.